Top 12 Gift Ideas For Drummers!

Sometimes buying gifts for drummers can be a problem, especially if you are not a drummer. After all you don’t want to get the wrong brand or something that a drummer doesn’t like or need.

Well, I made it a little easier with this list of funny gifts for drummers. Some of them are quite useful and all of them are cool. I’ll make another list of gifts that are strictly accessories that drummers usually want and need and will be thankful to receive.

Anyway, I know you’ll find these gift ideas so interesting and cool that you’ll want some for yourself. I bought several of them myself.

Drum Stick Pencil.

A cute gift for a drummer. Sadly, teeth marks will be all of them within a few days.

Drummer Coffee Cup.

Just about every drummer drinks a cup of coffee in the morning, and mid morning, and then the afternoon, and right before practice.

3d Metal Miniature Drum Set.

Who doesn’t want a miniature version of a drum set on their desk?

Personalized Engraved Drum Sticks.

In the future, this might be the only way for a drummer to ask someone to marry them. You know, engrave it, put the ring on it, and let it slide from the stick into their hand. I can see the joy in her eyes now. Or it could just be a cool gift.

Marshal Amp Refrigerator.

Ya, I know. It’s for guitar players. But it’s so friggin cool I think every musician should have one or two.

Pewter Snare Drum Necklace.

A nice little gift. I hope the snare doesn’t buzz all the time or rattle around on your chest.

Drumstick Keychain.

This is a guaranteed hit with any drummer. Get it. It’s really cheap too.

Zildjian Mouse Pad.

Perfect. I’m using it right now!

Zildjian Cutting Block.

Get this and the spoons below and you’ll be a little extra happy as you make your pasta.

Zildjian Clock.

This is definitely a winner for anyones office, room, or studio. Unless you are sponsored by Paiste or Meinl.

Drum Set Socks. 

A little dorky but there is something really cool about them. Perfect for mornings or simply to wear something unique. Maybe their magic and improve your bass and hi hat work?

Drum Stick Spoons.

This is me next purchase. We make pasta and salad all the time and I’m sure you or someone you know does as well.

All of these make great gift ideas for a drummer or for yourself. I own several myself. And before I forget, a drummer tshirt is perfect to wrap your gift in.