Top 10 Drummer T-shirts!

We all know that being a musician is all about expressing yourself – and what better way to do that than through a cool statement t-shirt? Here, we list down the top 10 coolest drummer t-shirts you’ll love to wear at your next rehearsal or gig (full disclosure: the first two were made by

1. Paradiddle Drum T-Shirt. 

drum-tshirt-1Available in 5 different colors (baby blue, silver, white, yellow, and slate) and available in different sizes, this really cool paradiddle t-shirt will definitely be relatable to all drummers. Drum rudiments will always have the paradiddle and this will put a smile on every drummer’s face.

2. Drummer Chicks Rock Harder T-Shirt.

A lot of bands nowadays have girl drummers, and often, these girls definitely rock harder! If you’re a girl drummer, express yourself with this really cool statement t-shirt, or if you know someone who is a girl drummer, this makes an excellent birthday or Christmas present!

3. Double Bass Drum Kit and The Vitruvian Man!

vitruvian-man-double-basss-drummerThis is a more artistic approach to a t shirt using a nice double bass drum kit set up with Davinci’s Vitruvian man holding drum sticks and playing the drums. The grayish art on a dark shirt really makes this a nice shirt that is not too overpowering or gaudy, but at the same time really stands out artistically. It’s one of my top 3 tshirts of all time.

4. Weapons Of Mass Percussion Shirt Drummer Drums.

drum-tshirt-4Are you ready to go into the battle of the bands? With this unique and funny t-shirt design, tell your friends that you are ready to unleash massive weapons – weapons of mass percussion! It is made from 100% cotton material so it’s very comfortable.

5. Drummer Evolution Funny T-Shirt Drums Humor Tee.

Available in five different colors and made from 100% cotton, let out the inner drummer in you with this t-shirt as you show off to everyone how drummers have evolved. This makes a great birthday or Christmas present to any drummer or for your own.

6. Vectorbomb, This Is What An Awesome Drummer Looks Like, Mens Funny T-Shirt (S to 5XL).

drum-t-shirt-6This is a simple yet effective and funny way of pointing out how awesome you are as a drummer. It is available on a variety of sizes and you are assured of 100% cotton material for best comfort.

7. The Tempo Is Whatever I Say It Is Tshirt.drum-t-shirt-7

With this 100% cotton shirt, choose from 3 different colors and different sizes for men, women and kids. With this funny statement t-shirt, drummers are sure to relate well and will have your band mates and audience laughing. After all, drummers ARE the ones who dictate the tempo.

8. 123t Men’s Born To Drum – Forced To Work Loose Fit T-shirt.drum-t-shirt-8

Are you an employee or business person by day and a drummer by night? This funny and relatable statement t-shirt is for you. It is available on many colors such as red, black, blue, green, gray, violet, and maroon and navy blue.

9. Eat. Sleep. Drum. Repeat. Rock Drummer Heavy Metal Kids Boys / Girls T-Shirt.

If your life revolves around a lot of drumming then this statement t-shirt is definitely relatable for you. It’s made for the little drummer boys and girls and available in different colors. It’s a short sleeve and machine washable comfortable t-shirt made from genuine cotton.drum-t-shirt-9

10. New! I’m With The Drummer T-Shirt. 

This is for girlfriends, boyfriends, and bandmates, or anyone who likes to get smiles and laughs from someone in line at Starbucks. It’s a good design, fits nicely, and the material is high quality so it feels good on your skin.