The Roland TD11-K and TD11-KV Electronic Drum Set Review!

Looking for a good and compact electronic drum kit with high quality sounds but don’t have thousands to spend? Then you should definitely check out The Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum Set with its unique SuperNatural sound engine that gives it a high quality sound.

There are two versions of this kit.

There’s the TD11-K and the TD11-KV:


Features Of The TD11-K.

This drum set is made up of a bass drum, 3 toms, 3 cymbal pads, a hi-hat controller, a snare drum and the drum stand. It doesn’t include the kick pedal, however, as you have to purchase that separately.

The TD11-K and The TD11-KV both have the higher end mesh head pad for the snare drum with is also a dual zone pad (this means that the mesh head and the rim both trigger a sound; in this case it would be a snare drum sound in most instances). The TD-11 has three black rubber pads for toms (2 rack toms, 1 floor tom), while the TD11-KV has all mesh heads for the toms and the snare.

Both kits are basically the same, except that the lower end kit (TD11-K) has black rubber toms versus, whereas the TD11-KV has the mesh head toms.

The difference between the black rubber pads and the mesh heads is that they feel different, and the black rubber pads are not dual zone, while the mesh head toms are. The black pads feel more like a hard practice pad, and the mesh heads are much closer to the feel of a real drum head. If you are a beginner drummer you don’t really need the dual zone pads for the toms. But you will want them as you get better. That is why the TD11-KV is more expensive.

  • Both electronic drum kits have have a crash cymbal and a ride v-cymbal. And the hi-hat combination also gives you a very natural feel as well as the kick pad itself. The whole kit also has a custom stand.
  • It has a well-renowned ‘coach’ function that helps any beginner to improve the art of playing grooves and learning songs.
  • They also has a a quick record and quick play functions so you can easily record during your practice session and make improvements on your skills.
  • The sound library is very diverse and wide-ranged so you can experiment with a lot of different sounds and genres altogether. The SuperNATURAL sound associates with Behavior Modeling that gives any drum player a very natural experience as if they are playing a real drum kit.
  • Setting up the whole drum kit is also done in a breeze because of its compact build and durable material. You can also connect the drums via USB to download backing tracks that you can use for practicing. Its fairly-huge LCD allows you to easily control the Roland’s functionality.

TD11-K Specifications.

The drum set contains all the drum pads mentioned above and measures a width of 1,200 mm (47 1/4 in) and a depth of 1,100 mm (43 5/16 in). It weighs 47 lbs (21 kg) and comes with an extra trigger input jack. There is also a setup guide to make your life easier.

It has a total of 190 drum voices to choose from and connects via MIDI out, USB, R & L Mono jacks 1/4″, DB-25 connector, additional trigger input and a Mix In Stereo. It runs on a DC adaptor. As mentioned above, its prized feature is the SuperNATURAL sound generator associated with Behavior Modeling. The mesh pad snare is also PDX dual-zone.

You can easily use this for studio practice or for recording purposes. The technology used for this drum kit is superb because of the software being quite intelligently designed and makes playing electronic drums as simple as possible. There is also MIDI note reassignment so you can customize it to your liking. The module has really excellent sound that amounts to 25 preset kits that you can mix and match to your preference.

The pads are also well-built and will definitely give you a professional feel. The rubber pads are great for any beginner or professional because it feels very natural and at the same time, very durable. The easy setup will allow you with more play and practice time rather than setup time.

Pros and Cons.

The sound is superb with the Roland TD-11K compared to most electronic drum kits in the same line. If you are a hardcore drummer, the kit also supports a double-pedal with much ease. The interface of the software is also well-designed and recording and playing are both done easily.

The only known downside is that the rim shots might need a bit of tweaking. Some also complain the rack’s design that also needs a bit of improvement. It’s a little bit flimsy but it will last and it does the job just fine.


The Roland TD-11K electronic drum kit is a great buy because of its compact built, durability and great range of sounds and you’ll have less worry over setup. And since it’s not very expensive and you have the top name brand in the electronic drum set business, Roland, it’s a no brainer.

If you are looking for something even more advanced you should like at the TD30-KV or the Yamaha DTX900K. But they are much more expensive. So if you are on a budget and need a good kit for practicing or gigs then this is definitely the one. It’s a very good electronic drum kit for the price.