L80 Low Volume Cymbals!

As a very well-known cymbal maker, Zildjian has another revolutionary product for those of us that need to practice on a drum set but without the loud noise.

This way you can practice without waking up the neighbors, or simply annoying them.

Zildjians’ L80 Low Volume cymbal is made for that low volume drum session your family and neighbors have wanted for you all along.

We’ve all been there: not every person is musically-inclined and most of your neighbors might be turned off by your drumming. It must be very frustrating to go find yourself a place to practice, especially when your resources are at home or the band rehearsal studios at your city are all fully booked.

You then play at the comfort of your home but suddenly, you find your neighbors at your doorstep cursing you for being a nuisance, your roommates or family tell you stop, and you try to explain to them that music is your passion, to which they might not understand, since music might not be their thing, especially drums. This is also especially the case if your neighbor has a baby that is often asleep.


While there is no exact way to lower a cymbal’s true volume by simply hitting it lighter or placing mutes and dampening tools on it, Zildjian has finally come up with a great idea to keep the drummer practicing on a real kit with realistic cymbals to practice upon. 

Really, Is The L80 Low Volume Cymbal For Quality Practicing?

These cymbals have their standard volume 80% less than that of a normal cymbal, so you can enjoy quality cymbal feel and sounds without disturbing other people. Since this is a practice cymbal, of course, no one would want to take it to a gig or club.

Some people might think that this can reduce the quality or dampen the cymbal sound but no, it’s just a magically (or rather scientifically) volume reduced cymbal set.

You can buy a set of hi-hat cymbals and a 18″ and 16″ crash-ride in one low cost package.

You might be able to get by with these cymbals for a super quiet jazz gig, assuming you can product an acoustic sound to match. I would be curious to see if that works so let me know if you achieve this lofty goal.

You can still hear every detail despite the volume reduction of 80%. The tones and vibrations on the crash ride cymbals can be easily heard.

I was really surprised at how close they felt to the real thing!

There are actually 2 versions of the hi-hats: a 13″ version and 14″ version, which are both relatively similar and also on have the reduced volume of up to 80%. They play and sound pretty close to traditional hi-hats. Overall, these sound and resemble real cymbals except they are mainly used for quiet practicing.

Zildjian L80 Low Volume cymbal

To conclude this review, the Zildjian L80 Low Volume cymbal is greatly recommended for those who are trying to get out of the situation of angry neighbors, family, and or landlords.

Not everyone might feel that your drums are music to their ears, especially if you are still just starting to learn drums, with all due respect.

This is why if you really want your neighbors to give you some respect, you’ll definitely need a set of low volume cymbals to hone your skills. And when you’re finally hitting it hard with a perfect tempo and improvement on the beats, then maybe you can finally play it loud.

I give them a big thumbs up.

Try setting them up with a practice pad set.