The Go Anywhere DW Practice Pad Set!

True to its name, the Go Anywhere DW Practice Pad Set is a high quality, completely portable practice pad drum set.


Features Of The DW Practice Pad Set.

This practice set is made up of 2 tom tom (or cymbal) drum pads (8 inches each), a bass drum pad, and floor tom, and a snare pad (10 inches). An 8-inch add-on tom is also available. However, the bass drum pedal is sold separately. Each pad gives you a fairly natural rebound and feel (as close as you are going to get), and the material used to build this set enables you to practice quieter than many other practice pad sets on the market. I remember having an old Remo practice pad set with plastic rims that was almost as loud as a muffled snare drum. The construction of this DW practice pad set is also very sturdy.


The Good and The Bad.

DW Practice Pad SetThere is a lot of good and bad to discuss about the DW Go Anywhere Set.

  • First of all, it is built with very sturdy material so it can last for a long time. This is a good product for those who are still trying to learn drums properly or for those of us that don’t want to annoy the family or neighbors.
  • The pedal attachment is easily adjustable as well as the arms. Adjustability is very important when it comes to any practice kit or any instrument whatsoever.
  • It is also fairly easy to assemble so you can carry it from one place to another and spend more time playing than setting it up.
  • The distinct difference between the size of the 8-inch pads and 10-inch pads help for a better, more diverse experience as you practice.
  • As mentioned above, this practice set is ideal for those who want to practice drums without disturbing fellow apartment dwellers or neighbors. 
  • This thing is great to play for practice or for warming up. One more thing to praise about the DW Go Anywhere Practice Set is that it’s simple. There are not a bunch of clamps and stands to assemble and fold.
  • However, there are a few downsides. As adjustable as it says it is, there are still a few drummers who would want more adjustments for a practice pad set. Especially for those who play jazz music. The arms need a little more length, it seems.
  • While it is a great practice pad to reduce noise, some professional drummers may still find it not quiet or subtle enough. But others say it’s just fine. The realistic feel is the most important in my opinion.
  • Despite its portability, some users complain that it could be a bit heavy to carry, especially if you have to go through travel security and get your bags checked. However, despite this, the DW Go Anywhere Practice Pad Set does delivery durability in spite of its weight.
  • Some people also might complain that the kick pad needs to be softer or more realistic to give the drummer more comfort. It may make a rubber squeak at times depending on your bass drum technique, but this can be worked around. You can’t expect perfection with a practice pad set, but this is the best one on the market.

Overall Impression Of The DW Go Anywhere Practice Set.


If you are not too meticulous about getting a practice drum then this DW practice set is right for you. With just a few tweaks it will be ideal for you. Mind you, it’s also built with sturdy material so expect it to take a lot of beating and survive.

Also, as a result of the DW name, and the quality behind it, if you take care of it, you can resell it at a premium compared to other brands made in China or Japan, Taiwan, etc.