DW 3000 versus DW 5000 Double Bass Pedal

When it comes to double bass pedals, there are two products of the same brand that you should consider: the DW 3000 and the DW 5000 double bass pedal. But how do they compare to each other?

Similar Features of The DW 3000 and 5000.

Both of these double bass peddles have top quality construction material that can take a beating and still be able to give you a good feel both on your feet and when the beater strikes the head of your bass drum. Both of these pedals  have turbo drives that are dual chain and with a sprocket design. This allows you to have better timing and a more realistic feel because you will have a better connection between the footboard and the sprocket.

double bassOn the remote pedal (the left foot pedal on a right foot double bass pedal design), both of these two models also allow single-post casting for the hi-hat which allows you to play the pedals in a simultaneous or solo manner and makes it more versatile.

When it comes to pedal plates, both are also equal in sturdy steel material. The dual adjustable toe clamp is also something that these two pedals have in common, and it includes a clip with drum key.

They also have a bearing spring rocker assembly. Both of these DW series double pedals have something else in common: they are good for either practicing or live performance and for recording.

You might be thinking, ‘don’t all pedals work in these environments?’ No. Only the higher end pedals are good in all conditions because they are smooth and silent, whereas cheaper pedals squeak and wobble, especially after a couple years for abuse, which is picked up in live and recording performances.

All DW products also have the same 5 year warranty so you will have no problem with that.

DW 3000 versus DW 5000 Different Features.

The big difference between these two lies in the sprocket technology: the DW 3000 has the ‘turbo sprocket’ but the DW 5000 uses the ‘accelerator sprocket’. Many people do not particularly like the accelerator. The complaint is that the accelerator sprocket is heavier and slower compared to the turbo sprocket of DW 3000, but nonetheless, the DW 5000 is still a fantastic pedal. Another thing they’re different on is the price, of course. DW 5000 is much more expensive than DW 3000.

DW 3000 versus DW 5000 double bass pedal

Most drummers did not regret buying the 3000 because it’s not just a tad cheaper than the 5000, it’s also equipped with the turbo sprocket that many drummers like, compared to the accelerator of the 5000.

Most people compare the DW 5000 to the DW 9000, a similar model, in which some say that the 5000 better due to its heavier sound and more profound power. But it all depends on what kind of genre you’d like to play and if you prefer a lighter kick, to which you’ll probably prefer the DW 9000 anyway.

Final Thoughts and My Conclusion.

Both the DW 3000 and DW 5000 Double Bass Pedal have their share of pros and cons, but no doubt, both are great double pedals to consider for home practice, gigging, or even studio recording use.

They both run smoothly and have a great feel so you can focus on practicing and playing rather than if the pedals are stiff or wobbly, or the action is not quite right. Although some people do prefer DW 3000’s turbo compared to 5000’s accelerator, it all depends on your taste in music and in drum handling.

When it comes down to it, the DW 5000 has more tools to fine tune calibration to fit your style of playing. So if you are super picky about the feel of your pedals then you should get the DW 5000 or DW 9000.

But if you want the ability to fine tune (to a point), and you want a solid high performance double bass pedal for under three hundred dollars then the DW 3000 is the way to go. And if you are on a budget you should get the 3000. That’s what I did and I have not had one problem in almost three years now. I love the set.

I used to own the Tama Iron Cobra double bass pedal. I bought it several years ago and still have it for my practice pad set when traveling. But it’s not nearly as good as my DW. The Iron Cobra isn’t holding up as well as the DW.