Drumit Five Drum Module!

Being a part of the 2Box DrumIt Five electronic drum kit, The Brain, also called the Drum Module of the DrumIt Five, is the main box that produces the sounds of the electronic drum kit. It uses the same color scheme as the drum kit – orange and black.

Features Drumit Five Drum Module.

The back panel has input sockets for the drum pads, including the other two cymbals. There are also extra inputs for toms and cymbals. There are a total of 6 output jacks next to it, including the main stereo outs. The 3rd and 4th outputs are the toms and the 5th and 6th outputs are for the cymbals. Then, of course, there’s the headphone jack and the line jack. The headphone jack lets you plug in your headphones, of course, while the line jack is used for connecting Mp3 players such as iPhones, iPods or smartphones. The MIDI In and MIDI Out ports as well as the USB port are also present to complete the set behind the module.

Drumit Five Drum ModuleThere is also an extra PSU socket for those who want extra power for the module. For its price range, it’s tough to find something of this value with the capability to become a MIDI controller and sequencer for your studio arranging needs. Because of its small size, the sockets are somewhat tightly packed in together, which can be a bit dangling and frustrating to connect and disconnect since they all pretty much bump into each other.

There are a bunch of black rings on the sockets that might make it hard for you to guess which part goes where so you have to read the unit legends at the top of each socket.

The module’s front panel is greatly and neatly designed without much confusion for the user. The LCD is on the right side while the 10 buttons for the drum channels are on the left. The LCD looks a bit difficult to read for those who are used to big displays, but nonetheless, it takes some time to get used to it. Above the LCD are controls for switching kits and presets while at the bottom lies the controls for headphone and line volumes.

Because the module is highly user configured aside from its presets, you have a total of 4 gig of selectable kits to choose from, all at high quality 24 bit samples. Choose from electronic to acoustic to ethnic kits or mix them as you like. It uses lossless for its compression method so you only get unfiltered and raw drum sounds.

Even without a built-in sequencer (although you can use the module to connect to your PC for MIDI sequencing), you can import wav files to build your own kit. You can also import wav backing tracks if you are tired of the demos. How cool is that?

There is a bit of a downside though, if you are looking for a drum module with a lot of neat effects. The DrumIt Five Module sadly only has a tap delay, while other similarly priced drum kits and modules have other effects like distortion, reverb and chorus. Perhaps more effects will come for newer models, since 2Box is still a fairly new player to the scene of electronic drums.

With that being said, perhaps overall, the DrumIt Module focuses more on raw sound rather than cheesy effects, and would be best fitting a first drum kit for a beginner or for those who just want unfiltered sounds and just want to do MIDI sequencing with an electronic drum kit…and for those who love orange.