Dave Weckl Hand and Foot Exercises

Almost 20 years ago I discovered Dave Weckl’s ‘Back To Basics’ and ‘The Next Step’ vhs tapes. There was a lot of great information and lessons to be learned on those tapes.

One of the lessons that is very challenging is an exercise he created that includes ten hand and foot combinations. He would do each one at a slow tempo and then speed it up to a ridiculous level.

I found his video a while back and wrote down all of them so I had it in front of me. I may have gotten one or two wrong because I couldn’t hear exactly what he said, for example, on the eighth one, but it’s ok because you can do it two different ways which will give you 11 exercises.

Here Are The Dave Weckl Hand and Foot Exercises From One Of His Early Drum Video Lessons:

  1. RLF
  2. LRF
  3. FRL
  4. FLR
  5. RFL
  6. LFR
  7. FLR FRL (sart with hands off feet)
  8. RLFF RRFF or LLFF (nor sure so do both)
  9. RFF LFF
  10. RF LF
  • F = foot.
  • R = right hand.
  • L = left hand.

I found that when I did actually do this over and over, which was only a few times, my technique improved. I will be going back to these exercises regularly now. And it’s because I am writing these articles.

I am not just writing articles such as this and many others on this site to make money, because I hardly make a dollar a month if I’m lucky. I do it to give back to the drumming community and to remind myself of techniques and ideas I forgot about.

Dave’s video lessons on Back To Basics and The Next Step are highly recommended (even though he looks like a dork in the picture) and there are many things you can learn from them.