Axis Longboard A Double Bass Drum Pedal

The Axis Longboard A Double Bass Drum Pedal is a quality double bass pedal with a huge amount of leverage that will make playing double bass a bit easier and flow a bit better. And this is important if you want to power up your performance on stage or even while recording.

Made from sturdy material such as aluminum and steel (both under aircraft standards), this baby will take a lot of beating from your feet for a long time and still deliver quality punches.

If you need more area on the footboard you can get an extra 2 inches. Each material is built to last, even the springs that can surpass a lot of heavy usage. The double pedal is very sensitive and responsive to the user and it’s going to give you a great time. It might take you a few days or so to get used to the pedal’s overall feel, though, much like other pedals.

There are a lot of adjustable parts for this double pedal that lets you tweak the kind of sound you want, such as a variable drive lever. The item also comes with a user’s manual so you can adjust your sound to your liking. You can use it for both live and recording sessions. This works great for a variety of sick genres such as metal, heavy metal, hardcore, post-hardcore, thrash, alternative, rock and many others with fast tempos. You can even use it as a training pedal if you’re just starting out.

Pros and Cons.

Many people acclaim that the Axis Longboard A Double Bass Drum Pedal is great when it comes to speed and adjustability. Any double pedal should have not just speed but also power, and this one never fails to do just that. The adjustability permits for a more personalized sound, depending on the genre you are playing and the venue you’re going to play those sick beats on.

It also includes long pedal boards that add depth and more room for the drummer. It’s also lightweight to carry around for concerts or gigs despite its sturdy and quality build.

Axis Longboard A Double Bass Drum Pedal

Most double pedals only have this exact spot that the drummer feels more comfortable but with this double pedal, you get to enjoy comfort all around. The speed and power are all in all balanced with each other and can catch up to really fast tempos. The sound quality is also unparalleled compared to similar pedals that you might have already played with.

If you do the heel-toe technique will also be more than satisfied with this double pedal. And mind you, just because this was built for fast tempo, hardcore music doesn’t mean it’s not for jazz and pop genres! You can simply adjust the spring tension and the beater’s height to get the sound you need.

There are a few letdowns for this double pedal, however. For instance, some may find that the beaters are not very high quality when it comes to sound and power, so you might want to purchase a separate set of beaters to get a fuller sound. The driveshaft might also feel light and easily breakable. While there are a lot of adjustment options, it’s not always easily done compared to most pedals. Be careful still, some of the nuts might come loose overtime so you also have to prepare for maintenance and upkeep if you are a heavy user.


The Longboard Axis Double Pedal works just as advertised, and you will be satisfied with its sound quality and sturdy build. As much as possible, just use it carefully (even though that’s hard to do for a double pedal) to make sure it doesn’t always end up in the repair shop.