drum-tshirt-1I have been drumming for 30 years with a 8 year ‘leave of absence’ due to major tendentious. It was so bad I couldn’t shake hands or open doors or work on the computer for 1.5 years. But fortunately I found ways to keep it at bay so that I can play!

I have had a lot of experience playing gigs in the dirtiest of bars to weddings back in my twenties, and now I practice and play at home everyday for fun.

My current set up is an electronic kit. It’s a Roland TD30-KV and I love it. It doesn’t bug my family or neighbors, and the rebound is perfect for my old tendentious issues. I also have a champaign sparkle Ludwig classic maple kit that looks awesome and sounds great as well. My cymbals are mostly Zildjian from the high hats (quick beat) to the splashes, and ride cymbals. I also have Paiste 2002 ride and china cymbals. My sticks are always Vic-Firth 5a.

I will post my reviews of drum equipment and provide drumming tips covering rudiments, practice ideas, and much more.

If you want to see some of my video reviews and a few drumming tips go to my Youtube Channel here. And please like my Facebook page to keep up with the latest cool stuff.

Oh yeah, I published a book on how to build a drum set. You should read it and give me a good review 🙂

Do you like t-shirts for drummers? Check out a couple of my favorites here.

I hope you find my drumming tips blog a helpful resource. Thank you.

Brian Maroevich.

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