8 Best Electronic Drum Kits!

td-11kvAn electronic drum kit can be a treasure in the hands of a drummer. You play it just like a regular drum kit. And the more advanced ones can be played with regular drum sticks and brushes.

An electronic drum kit produces wide range of sounds, instruments, as well as effects. The cheaper electronic drums and the ‘brain’ that comes with them usually produce less acoustic noise compared to the conventional drum kit.  The ‘brain’ is the sound module (like a computer) that produces all of the different sounds and sequencers.

Conversely, the higher end drum kits like the Roland TD-30 have a very realistic sound and feel.

One overlooked advantage is their light weight and size which makes them them easier to carry to gigs and practice. And many of them are really easy to set up.

I have owned several electronic drum sets, including a pieced together one that I used during the 1990’s for gigs. And in the late 1980’s I actually played on the originally Simmons electronic drums. In 2002 I owned a Roland TD-6 which cost me just over $1500. You can now buy a better kit than the TD-6 brand new for $500.

I now own the Roland TD-30KV which is the highest end electronic drum set money can buy at this time, and it’s truly amazing. I’ll get into that kit in a moment, but it’s not for everyone. With that said here are the best 8 electronic drum sets for the money.

Popular Beginners Electronic Drum Kits!

Roland TD 4KX:

The TD-4k drum kit was perhaps the most organic-sounding drum set produced by Roland. It is also a dynamic set. Amazingly, when the TD-4KX was introduced, its dynamism and organic sound surpassed that of the TD-4K. However, the basic ergonomics did not really change. The TD 4KX is a very good budget electronic drum set that fits a beginner.

Yamaha DTXplorer:

Yamaha DTX is another suitable electronic drum kit for beginners. This big brand name in the world of electronic kits has equipped the entry-level Yamaha DTX with 32 ready-to-go kits and 214 sounds. The five-piece kit-play has rubber pads , which is something to be expected. When it comes to sound, the Roland option would be placed first, yet the Yamaha DTXplorer comes with a good price tag.

Alesis DM10Pro:

Alesis has returned to the electronic drum world. The DM10Pro from Alesis is dependable and produces the result where it matters. And of course, any beginner can seriously consider getting this electronic drum kit for a start. The price is definitely worth the performance as well, and would suit a beginner’s budget.

Top Electronic Drum Sets for Intermediate and Advanced Players!

Roland TD-20K:

The Roland TD-20K is nicknamed “King of the mountain” by the pro drummers. This drum kit is fearsomely pricey, yet delivering the best possible result. It is the advanced player’s dream drum kit. The ergonomics is simply wonderful and any player will have a fabulous time playing the Roland TD-20K. it features a virtually infinite tweak-ability. It is not surprising that this drum set is the pro’s choice, from Dave mackintosh to Omar Hakim.

The Yamaha DTX950K:

In terms of both quality and price, the Yamaha DTX950K is non-compromising. The upgrades featured in the DTX950K are simply superb compared to the mid-range versions of the DTX.
The big upgrades include:

  • Advanced XP Pads – integrated with TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) surfaces, which gives the player an ultra-realistic feel.
  • HEXRACK system – with each drum pad integrated with shock absorbers for exceptional stability.
  • HS740A hi-hat Stand – featuring increased control compared to the inexpensive hi-hat controllers.
  • Snare and tom pads – with different rebounds that are quite noticeable, close to a real acoustic kit.
  • 3-zone cymbals featuring natural rebound.
  • MIDI and USB ports.
  • Upgraded dynamic range.
  •   …and more

Other Top Electronic Drum Kits in 2014!

Back in the 1980s when electronic drum sets first entered the market, some people described them as being disastrous. Today, the most impressive drum kits and sets are the electronic brands. And, they are getting better and better every year.

Yamaha DTX 400K:

No doubts, Yamaha is one of the best drum set brands. Yamaha’s DTX line of electronic drums is getting increasingly popular like their acoustic counterparts. And, the Yamaha DTX 400K is the baseline of Yamaha DTX series. The DTX 400K is an entry-level electronic drum set. It is affordable and features 10” cymbals, 7.5” drum pads, functions guide for beginners, 10 kits to select from, USB connection, and ultra-quiet playing feature (the Silent Kick unit).

The Roland TD-11K:

The Roland TD-11K is one of the popularly voted electronic drum kit by musicians. Any dedicated drummer knows that Roland is one of the top names in the electronic drums. Those getting started in drumming should seriously consider the budget TD-11K model. This kit is simply tagged “affordability meets with quality.” The notable features of the TD-11K include virtual muffling, virtual tuning, adjustable ambience settings, 50 drum kits, wide selections of percussion sounds, and quick record button that simplifies and speeds up recording.

td-kvsRoland TD-30KV:

At the high-end level, the Roland TD-30KV is probably considered the best drum kit ever made. This kit provides a feel, look, and sound of actual acoustic drums. The drum comes with extensive features, with the popularly voted ones listed as follows;

  • The Hit-Hats – The TD-30KV is the sole kit so far to use two actual cymbals, so the play is exactly like real hi-hats.
  •  The Sound Module Outputs – this is the sole sound module with separate analog outputs available for each of the cymbal and drum. Sound engineers will appreciate this feature better.
  • The Drum Pads – The sole pads using a real shell in matching the feel and look of an acoustic drum.
    Also, these are listed in the top electronic drum kit list:
    • Yamaha DTX522K
    • The Alesis DM10X
    • The Roland TD-15 KV
    • The Yamaha DTX950k

Indeed, electronic drum kits are becoming all the rage in recent time as these kits are becoming increasingly impressive with each passing year.