2Box DrumIt Five!

Despite being a new contender in electronic drums, the 2Box DrumIt Five plays well alongside brand giants because of its great quality, customizable features and comfortable setup. If you are bored with the usual black and white electronic drums, you’ll love how striking the oranges and whites of this pretty cool electronic drum set.

2Box DrumIt Five Features.

It has a total of 3 tom pads, a snare, bass drum, hi-hat, and 2 cymbals, and the brain. It also includes the stand. Like all electronic drums, it has a module where you can easily set up your own drum kit sounds. Setting up the whole drum kit might be a bit frustrating at first, especially for first time users, but in the end, it will be rewarding because everything stays in place as expected and you will feel the overall stability and durability of the drum set.

The module does have a lot of great features when you test it out. You can buy it with a hi-hat stand, bass drum pedal, and snare drum stand, but it will cost a bit more. This is a great thing for those who previously owned a drum kit that does not come with a hi-hat stand. The snare drum also has its own stand, making it very flexible and adjustable just like a real acoustic set.

Each pad may look like it’s just all looks but all of them are dual zone with an individual rim trigger. A metal hoop allows for adjusting the tightness or looseness of each pad. To give you a better and more realistic feel, the cymbal pads also have 3 zones for bow, bell and edge. You can even perform cymbal chokes just like a real cymbal. The kick drum looks sturdy with both its built and its sound quality, but it’s up to you whether you want to use the orange beater that comes with it or your own.

2Box DrumIt Five

The module looks great with its design and functionality. The controls look sleek and of course, a free editing program comes along with it and handles MIDI in and out as well as a USB connection. You can also use an external Mp3 player such as an iPod, iPhone or any smartphone to play your backing tracks and practice your drum skills.

Since it is also MIDI capable, you can use it for music production as well. The module has a lot of ports for you to connect aside from the drums. There’s the MIDI in and out, external power supply as well as the USB port. The heads can be replaced by any type if you don’t prefer the default mesh head.

Pros and Cons Of DrumIt Five.

There are a couple of great things that people find about the 2Box DrumIt Five. For instance, you can choose between mesh heads, rubber or real drums so it’s flexible for different performances and purposes. Any beginner or veteran drummer can easily play because of its flexibility. You can upgrade the system as well as the drum presets via the Internet and you can even import your own sounds to develop a kit of your own.

The disadvantage seems to stem from the rack system, which might not be as professional as others may think. The quality for headphone output may not be as great as the big brands as well. Some people may not like orange too, so perhaps a wider choice of colors and replaceable parts could have been included or as a choice.

Overall Opinion.

Despite the few drawbacks that exist, the 2Box DrumIt Five is still one great brand to consider when shopping for electronic drums, despite being a new contender on the scene of digital instruments.