10 Reasons To Get An Electronic Drum Set!

bass drum foot slideI really wanted the Roland TD-30 KV kit. But it’s expensive. So I had to come up with some reasons that I should get it so that my wife would not freak out. I hope these reasons to buy a good electronic kit inspire you or saves your marriage:

  1. If you get an electronic kit you will be able to practice when you want without disturbing your partner, or children.
  2. If you do have kids they will love it because learning an instrument is great for a child’s development.
  3. It’s a fact that playing music makes you smarter.
  4. Playing drums is a great stress relief. When you exercise you get your blood pumping which in turn exercises your heart and releases endorphins. And when you play drums you get a similar experience, but in addition to the physicality of playing drums you get to be creative as well. It can put you in a meditative state. Both of these brain and body exercises can relieve stress significantly.
  5. You know you want to play the drums because it’s something you want to do and you love it, and an electronic drum kit allows you to do it instantly and without bothering anyone.
  6. The price of electronic drum sets are very low now, except for the very top end kits like the TD 30KV. But the other kits a step below this are really good so you can enter the electronic drum kit market without very much out of pocket expense. Plus, some companies offer financing.
  7. A name brand electronic kit like a Roland, Yamaha, or even an Alesis or Simmons hold their value well so you can sell it later if you don’t use it and get a bit of your money back ( as opposed to a car ). I know this for a fact because I owned a TD-6 for a few years and sold it for more than half of what I paid, and I played on the thing a lot (I know own the Roland TD 30KV).
  8. The higher end electronic kits have a fairly realistic feel to them so when you practice you won’t have to make a big adjust when you play an acoustic kit. You should also have a practice pad set or at least one pad and a kick practice pad as well, in my opinion.
  9. A good electronic kit has comes with a ‘brain’ which is where all the sounds and features uses accessible. Most of the brains have a metronome, and play along tracks as well as many other features that you can use to improve your drum playing. These features are not available with an acoustic kit (although you can use an ipad or phone to access apps for a metronome and play along tracks). You can also recorded your playing to see how well you are keeping a groove and performing your drum fills through most electronic drum brains. I found this to be a very helpful feature. It was also frustrating because when you make mistakes on drums they are glaring. But that’s why we practice and that’s why good drummers are a rare commodity.
  10. It’s easy to find decent drummers, but it’s hard to find a good drummer. Musicians know that a good drummer is crucial to their band. So practice as much as you can! An electronic drum kit gives you the opportunity to practice early in the morning, and late at night without bothering anyone.

I hope these reasons inspired you to buy an electronic drum kit. If you have any questions on what electronic kit to get post your comment below and I’ll get back to you.

I’ve played on 8 of the most popular kits, and have played on the early Simmons models when they first came out, built a makeshift kit from a combinations of triggers including a Space Muffin snare drum which I don’t think are made anymore, and have played on the most up to date Rolands, and Simmons as well as others.